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This Is A Very Traditional Sex Doll Suggestion

He recently purchased GYNOID doll girlfriend Marg
He was ready to mingle with his synthetic sweetheart. Eight months after the date, Kazakhstan-based actor and bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko showed the world that he had recently purchased GYNOID doll girlfriend Margo "cosmetic surgery" and asked her propose.


Actor and bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko asked his girlfriend Margo a big question. It was a very traditional suggestion; he gave her roses and knelt down during a romantic dinner, and the saxophone player sang for the couple. After starting selling realistic TPE sex dolls and robots in the city, a company in Sheffield will make Christmas more beautiful. From tea to Yorkshire pudding, Yorkshire is known for many amazing things.

Part of the inspiration for Julian Casablancas was the creation of his new Voidz single "Did My Best" by Algerian street vendors in Paris, especially the autotuned Arabic music they listened to while "selling tourist trash" . D cup sex doll infiltrated my subconscious mind, "he told the Rolling Stones.
Although publicizing their relationship was no easy task, Tolochko recently accepted the invitation to appear alongside Margo on the Russian TV show "Comedy Club". The couple's photo is about to be shared in the background with a caption on the trailer: "I won't spoil it. You will find the Japanese sex doll at the right time!"


However, all public attention has led to some insecurity. Prior to the proposal, Tolochko underwent cosmetic surgery for Margo to alleviate his insecurities on the outside. Tolochko recently told the New York Post: "She started developing a complex." "When I showed pictures of a pregnant sex doll to the world, I got a lot of criticism and she started developing a complex, so we Decided to have plastic surgery ... she made a lot of changes. At first this was hard to accept, but I got used to it later. "


Customers can choose the features of their sex doll-choose body shape, skin tone, hair color, and breast and penis size. Speaking of the video, he said, "I started with the way I started most things with a vague, vague final vision." "Like one of those videos people take at a party. It's like 'what is this world?' Who are these people? 'This simple, stupid idea may take up to 10 seconds, but I decided to [do and add] the robot. Benjamin Portas.

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